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New-Post Photography

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New-Post Photography

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Open to all

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90 Euros

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Cash Prize

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MIA Fair
For the upcoming 10th edition, MIA Fair is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at promoting creativity and innovation in the world of Art Photography. Through this Award, open to all artists with no theme, age or nationality restrictions, the winners will be offered an opportunity to be exhibited at no charge during the 10th edition of MIA Fair (from 24thMarch to 28th March, 2021) at SUPERSTUDIO MAXI, in via Moncucco 35, Milano at an exhibition dedicated to the "New-Post Photography" Award.

We are also delighted to announce that for the 2021 edition, two Awards have been added with the aim of promoting Photography. The new Awards are: 1)The publication of a Portfolio in the magazine "Gente di Fotografia" which will be published in conjunction with the tenth edition of MIA Fair. 2) A gallery exhibition at mc2 gallery: One finalist of the "New-Post Photography" Award will be selected by Vincenzo Maccarone and Claudio Composti (directors of the mc2 gallery, based in Milano and Lutica Bay in Montenegro) to exhibit his works in a show organized by mc2 gallery by 2022.

Concept: The "New-Post Photography" Award intends to promote new photographic languages capable of reflecting the contemporary world in an innovative way. After years of experimentation and reflections on the photographic language, that marked the Sixties-Seventies-Eighties (MIA Fair 2021 will devote a specific section to Italian artists of that period), a number of new questions arise today: How is photography changingin a world which is increasingly overcrowded with images? How does photography interact with the social media dynamic universe and with other art languages? There are new emerging trends that aim at increasingly articulated in-depth analysis: either they privilege the use of new technologies in experimental ways or they try to reinterpret and re-actualize their past and their memory by investigating their own history. Is photography mainly focused on staged scenes or is photography looking for a dialogue with our world? A world in constant evolution, marked by climate change, migration, war and social inequality, but also by a pandemic that has hit us very hard. The Covid-19 disease has determined new ways of feeling, relating to other people, perceiving the spaces where we live. How can photography deal with these issues by going beyond superficial and purely illustrative logic to manifest hidden realities? How can photography push boundaries, challenge our status quo?

The objective of the Award is to make the "New-Post Photography" exhibition a significant showcase and a "sensor" capable of capturing and highlighting the changes taking place in the world of contemporary photography. This Award aims at becoming a platform that provides visibility to the winners through an important exhibition event. Curatorial coordination of the Award by Gigliola Foschi, MIA Fair.